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Greetings Family!

Welcome to the homepage of the Thomas Family! We hope that this resource will be helpful in communicating with you and keeping you in-the-know about the family and other local news. To make sure you remain informed of upcoming events and activities, we ask that you try and visit this site as often as possible. We, in turn, will try and make sure that updates are made equally as often. And for your convenience, you will be able to view family member’s addresses, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers.

Please know that this website is not intended to replace our traditional means of communicating - telephone, e-mails, home visits, etc. Rather, it is offered to complement our efforts to keep you informed.

Your comments are welcome. We are continually changing, adding, and building our website so that we may provide all you need to keep “Growing and Prospering, Together”!

With much love,
Thomas Family



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